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Our History 

Originally formed in 1910 as The Wireless Institute of New South Wales, our organisation is one of the oldest radio societies in the world.

The name "Wireless Institute of Australia (NSW Division)" was adopted in 1922. The WIA was set up as a Federated organisation. Individuals became members of the Division present in each state, providing representation and services at a state and local level. The Federal Office represented all members at a National and International level and published Amateur Radio magazine.

Various arrangements between the Divisions and the Federal Office were made to cover the cost of various services and Membership fees from each Division were apportioned accordingly.

In 2004 the WIA underwent a restructure to amalgamate as a single organisation. Individuals could directly join as members of the "National WIA" which also took on the role as the Peak Body for all Amateur Radio operators in Australia, representing the hobby at a National and International level. The WIA continues publication of Amateur Radio magazine and also took ownership of some shared functions such as the QSL Bureau.

Currently the WIA are, on a commercial basis, Australian amateur radio operators interface to the ACMA on matters of licenses, training and frequency allocation.

The WIA (NSW Division) signed an Implementation Agreement with the Wireless Institute of Australia on December 10 , 2004. As a result, we were formed as a separate organisation and we now identify ourselves as Amateur Radio New South Wales.

This change sets the role of ARNSW as the organisation that supports Amateur Radio in New South Wales. Individuals may be members of either or both organisations as they choose; many of our current members are also members of WIA and also their local clubs. Amateur Radio magazine is also available at local newsagents as well as being available as part of WIA membership.

ARNSW Services

We provide regular broadcasts, repeaters and signal beacons on most Amateur frequencies. We also provide education, Licence training and assessments. Field Days, Trash and Treasure events and Deceased Estate disposals sales are amongst the services we provide our members and also the general amateur radio community. The Centennial Building provides a large and versatile space for meetings and other functions.

The VK2WI facility at Dural provides a specialised transmission centre for Amateur Radio news broadcasts and production. VK2WI covers most of the east coast of Australia and out into the Pacific region. We include content from the VK1WIA National News Bulletins and in turn our broadcasts are relayed by local clubs and groups to expand our overall coverage.

Amateur Radio New South Wales members have - biannual (or five yearly) fees to cover services provided to members and the Ham radio community. ARNSW in general supports Hams in NSW.