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Written by Tim VK2ZTM and appearing monthly in Amateur Radio Magazine

VK2 Notes are a summary of activities and event around New South Wales. They are uploaded to this page after they have been published in Amateur Radio magazine. The notes on this page are the original text as submitted and may have been edited in some way to appear in the magazine.

You can download a PDF of the current VK2 Notes and previous editions are available below.

VK2 Notes — January/February 2019

Tim Mills VK2ZTM


Another new year is upon us as we enter into our 109th year as the worlds oldest National Amateur Radio Society. Not that far behind us is the Waverley Amateur Radio Society who will celebrate their Centenary this year. They trace their origin back to a meeting in early 1919 in the Sydney Eastern suburb of Waverley. Today they operate out of their harbour side club rooms in Rose Bay, still in the Eastern suburbs.

Dick VK2DIK visits ARNSW.

ARNSW was pleased to have Dick Smith VK2DIK as their guest at a large gathering at the VK2WI Dural site on Sunday the 2nd December 2018. The day started at 11 am with a barbecue lunch. Just before one o'clock Dick arrived by his helicopter, landing at the nearby Pacific Hills Christian School and was chauffeured VK2WI by Al VK2OK in his Willys Jeep to ARNSW.

Dick kept the audience enthralled with his stories about his life, early days in business, Dick Smith Electronics, his other ventures and adventures. Dick's Talk ended with a Q and A session with listeners to the live internet stream also participating via email.

If you missed it, the talk is available on the ARNSW Website under the VK2WI News Broadcast Link.[webmaster note: link to on demand audio page]

Another Year.

The VK2WI News has returned to the morning and evening sessions after being morning only operation across the holiday period. Peter VK2HC who has for many years been one of the team at the morning broadcasts in an engineering role, has now taken a break from this role and many thanks for his help with this task. Those interested in a role of Engineering or Announcing should make contact by an email to news@arnsw.org.au

If propagation is poor or you are out of range of VK2WI, the news sessions are streamed via arnsw.org.au/audio. They can also be listened to at any later time.

Late last year work commenced on the replacement mast for the VK2RWI repeaters at VK2WI Dural. The first activity was the construction of the concrete slab for the mast base. Next will be the erection of the concrete mast sections followed by the antenna installation. This installation is replacing the original triangular tower which is both showing its age and can no longer see over the trees.

The first major ARNSW activity for this new year is the regular bi-monthly Trash & Treasure on Sunday the 27 th January. On the same day at 12 noon, the Experimenters Group will hold their regular meeting, opening with a show and tell, following by a lecture. These days are always on the last Sunday of the odd numbered month which are also in March, May, July, September and November. ARNSW provides a service to help dispose of unwanted Amateur equipment and Deceased Estates. The contact and inquiries for this is only by email to disposals@arnsw.org.au No telephone calls on this service. Check out conditions on the ARNSW web site arnsw.org.au One area of the hobby that is not handled is the dismantling of HF beam and towers. Such work should only be carried out by suitably qualified persons, who carry the required insurance and knowledge.

The Big Field Day.

The big annual field day event in VK2 is on Sunday the 24th February, provided by the Central Coast ARC at the regular venue - the Wyong Racecourse. Check out their web site for the field day program. The Field Day organizers are seeking photos from the 60 plus years of previous field days. One of the activities on the day is the ability to sit an American Amateur license exam. You can obtain details from the examination team at veexams.com.

Autumn Activities.

Moving into March there is a lot of activity at ARNSW. Kicking off on Sunday the 10th will be a Talk Fest - note the date change from that given in the last issue of the AR Magazine - with the theme of HF Antennas - intended mainly for the Foundation licensee but open to everybody. More details in the VK2WI News sessions and you can inquire or book by email to events@arnsw.org.au March the 11th is the anniversary of the origin of ARNSW, formed in 1910 in Sydney. The first of the ARNSW Foundation weekends will be on the 16th and 17th March. Make contact by email education@arnsw.org.au for either the Foundation or assessments. Other Foundation weekends are scheduled in the odd numbered months, two weeks before the bi-monthly Trash & Treasure events. The chief presenter for many years for both the Foundation weekends and the Upgrade course has been Paul VK2APA. Paul has stepped down from this position and headed north. Many thanks are extended to Paul for those long hours of teaching. There are thoughts being given to conduct an Upgrade course this year but there were no details available when these notes were being prepared.

At the end of the March there will be another Trash & Treasure and Experimenters gathering on Sunday the 31st. In April the ARNSW AGM has been set down for Saturday the 13th. The Library service from ARNSW is operated on late Monday afternoon and early evening, except on public holidays. Contact for them is library@arnsw.org.au Most ARNSW activities are shown on the 2019 magnetic calendar sent to members late last year.

In other news to hand St. George ARS have scheduled a Foundation weekend for the 9th and 10th of February. They also have their annual two metre simplex contest which continues until the 28th February. Details at www.sgars.org WICEN NSW have a training day scheduled for the 3rd of February and a field operation at Newnes on the weekend of March the 2nd and 3rd. Mid year - June long weekend - is the annual two day field at Port Macquarie hosted by the Oxley Region ARC.

73 – Tim VK2ZTM.

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