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Written by Tim VK2ZTM and appearing monthly in Amateur Radio Magazine

VK2 Notes are a summary of activities and event around New South Wales. They are uploaded to this page after they have been published in Amateur Radio magazine. The notes on this page are the original text as submitted and may have been edited in some way to appear in the magazine.

You can download a PDF of the current VK2 Notes and previous editions are available below.

17 December

VK2 news

Tim Mills VK2ZTM


 Seasons Greetings. It has come to that time in the yearly cycle where many clubs will not have meetings in either or both December and January and defer the start of next year to February 2020.  VK2WI News will become morning only on Sunday December 29th, January the 5th  and the 12th. The evening bulletins resume on the 19th  January 2020. The first of the 2020 Trash & Treasure will be on January 26th. The March T&T will be on the 29th; May 31st; July 26th; September the 27th and November the 29th.

The first of the five ARNSW Foundation and assessment weekends will commence on March the 14 th and 15 th; then May the 16 th and 17 th; July the 11 th and 12 th; September the 12 th and 13 th and November the 14 th and 15 th.

The Wyong Field Day is scheduled for Sunday the 23rd of February. Subject to confirmation. 

The Illawarra A R S have gone back to their former meeting location at the Blue Scope Steel Visitors Centre located on Springhill Road on the southern side of the Wollongong CBD.

The Monopole at ARNSW saw the antennas installed late September, the feed cables installed early October and the VHF and UHF repeaters transferred and connected late October. There has been mixed results but in general some improvement. These notes were written as the transfer was taking place - more time will be needed to assess the final outcome.  The beacons have not moved and will be transferred to a new mount later. Once moved, the beacons may exhibit altered coverage patterns.  News on progress will be given on VK2WI News and ARNSW Facebook, ALL ACCESS and these VK2 NEWS notes.  These are the official news sources for ARNSW. Other sources are best branded Fake News. There will be the 3rd edition of ALL ACCESS out towards the end of November to remind you about the last Trash & Treasure for the year.

Do you find there are occasions when you would like to get out in a park or other open location where you would like to play a little Radio? But there are members of the public with their attitude towards 5G and other misguided opinions on the electronic world that you feel concerned for your safety. Well ARNSW has found a solution. For a while a small group has been gathering in the VK2WI Dural groups to experiment and play radio. There is a bit of local interference from other on site HF and UHF transmissions. Recently a picnic type shelter has been constructed which could well be a ‘Contest House’.  Any member interested in using the facility should make arrangements with the Secretary by emailing   secretary@arnsw.org.au

Around VK2 there is a lot of activity. Looking at some of the club newsletters we note there is a lot of work being carried out on the Summerland ARC network of repeaters. Their November training class for all license grades was oversubscribed. The Armidale  & District ARC have been doing a lot work on linking the New England repeaters into a network. Oxley Region ARC is working on a new repeater site for their VK2RCN network after the lease arrangement on the existing site were winding down. Great Lakes RC meet at the studios of the Community radio station in Tuncurry. They support repeaters VK2RGL on 2 metres and 70 cm. They maintain a Face Book site advises Secretary Andy VK2AAK. Details of some 40 VK2 clubs are on the Radio Club listing on both the WIA and ARNSW club directory, some of which are in need of upgrade. All the best of the festive season and see you in January 2020 when you will be able to see 2020.

73 – Tim VK2ZTM

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