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Written by Tim VK2ZTM and appearing monthly in Amateur Radio Magazine

VK2 Notes are a summary of activities and event around New South Wales. They are uploaded to this page after they have been published in Amateur Radio magazine. The notes on this page are the original text as submitted and may have been edited in some way to appear in the magazine.

You can download a PDF of the current VK2 Notes and previous editions are available below.

VK2news – September/October 2019

Tim Mills VK2ZTM


ARNSW donates to WRC 2019

ARNSW holds their bi-monthly Trash and Treasure on the last Sunday of the odd numbered month at their Dural site. In July ARNSW President Mathew VK2YAP and WIA President Greg VK2GPK were in attendance and addressed those in attendance about the WRC 2019 conference being held in late November this year in Egypt. They covered the importance to being entitled to have an Amateur attend with the Australian delegation - which the WIA has to fund. At the conclusion of the talk ARNSW President presented the WIA President with a donation to go towards the expenses of attending. In presenting the cheque for $5K Mathew explained that the Trash & Treasure days produced a turn over which enables ARNSW to provide the free BBQ and leaves a small surplus of funds. While the WIA funds to attend these International activities comes from a levy included in WIA membership, it was with great pleasure that ARNSW was able to contributes towards this important operation and encourages all Australian Amateurs as either individuals or through their clubs to contribute.

ARNSW launches bi-monthly Bulletin

In the middle of the last Centaury there was a large printed Bulletin in VK2 produced by the NSW Division. This reduced down to a Mini-bulleting as an insert in AR Magazine and it then faded away. We were then informed that the magic internet would be the answer to the paper copies and the new way to distribute information. Recently a newsletter was trialed, which is being distributed – by email and mailed copies – to ARNSW members.  There was a good response and it will be produced a week or two before the bi-monthly Trash & Treasure, like mid September and mid November. Later it will be added to the ARNSW web site. The Editor is Ray VK2ASE who can be reached by email at  editor@arnsw.org.au  Its title is All Access.

ARNSW promoting DMR

After years of various digital modes being presented in a range of repeaters it now appears that the DMR mode is becoming an acceptable format. The Board of ARNSW has decided to make available - on a loan basic - some new DMR repeaters to duly constituted VK2 clubs who make an application and fit within the specifications for such loans. Expressions of interest in the first instant should be made – in writing - to the ARNSW Secretary at secretary@arnsw.org.au or by mail to ARNSW  P.O. Box 6044 Dural Delivery Centre NSW 2158. The offer is for a short time only so do not delay inquiring. The first repeater on loan has been made to HADARC to restore VK2RHT at Chatswood where the previous repeater had failed beyond repair. The intension is to help establish a chain of DMR systems along the east coast of VK2 but clubs west of the Great Divide will also be considered. 


A round of the VE exams were conducted at VK2WI in late August. There are Foundation and assessment weekends scheduled at VK2WI Dural in early September and the last for the year will be the weekend of the 9th & 10th of November with the bookings closing on Friday the 25th October. Many other clubs are back on line with training and assessments. Their dates, where known, are included in VK2WI News.


The Summerland ARC at Lismore has just conducted their annual SARC Fest. They have a network of repeaters within their region which keeps them busy with maintenance and site improvements. Their membership dues remain at $40.  The Oxley Region ARC held their AGM in early August with little change in the management committee. Following the success of their annual two day field day held last June at the Wauchope Showground - they have booked the venue again for next year in June.

ARNSW produces an annual magnetic backed A5 sized calendar and it is planned to release the 2020 edition mid November – a reminder to ARNSW members to ensure their postal address is up to date. Send any changes to  membership@arnsw.org.au  The recent name change of the previous NSW Division to ARNSW is being advised to the various suppliers.  The new lawn in front of the Centenary Building at VK2WI Dural was constructed to take vehicles but while it settles down it was decided that there would be no parking. It has now been found that at major activities eg Trash & Treasure, the lawn is becoming a popular gathering and talking location. It will remain no parking. After delays with various authorities the new 40 metre VK2RWI repeater antenna pole will soon be cabled and fitted with the antennas. The 2020 AGM for ARNSW has been set for Saturday the 18th April 2020.

In recent AR notes the status of beacons was raised which has produces a few replies. Thank you. Most responses found they have various uses and the UHF ones at Dural are most handy to check out receiver and antenna performance. The ZL Amateurs find the Sydney VK2RSY 23 cm beacon on 1296.420 MHz. most useful for openings across the ‘pond’ The beacon, located at Dural on the old VK2RWI repeater tower, will be relocated soon to a new mounting when the tower is demolished once the new pole and antenna system is commissioned. After a period of absence the VK2RSY 6 metre beacon [50.289] antenna was restored.  For some time VK2RHV [50.288] Newcastle has been off line, so it’s a chance to hear RSY due to the adjacent allocation.

For more than 10 years VK2WI News has also been transmitting the morning bulletins on a licensed 5 MHz commercial channel - 5425 kHz USB VKE 580 - in a point to multipoint format to provide linking coverage to relay points. The license fee is a ‘little’ more than an Amateur license fee. This operation is not to be confused with and is totally separate from our hoped for 60 metre allocations.

Its now 51 years since repeaters became legal in VK.  With more – like DMR – always coming on line - is some one in our repeater group keeping the WIA Technical committee informed so the list is kept up to date? Since we are talking of history and records – which will last the longest – the printed copy or the hard drive or some flaky server somewhere in outer space?    

73 – Tim VK2ZTM / VK2UJ.

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