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Written by Tim VK2ZTM and appearing monthly in Amateur Radio Magazine

VK2 Notes are a summary of activities and event around New South Wales. They are uploaded to this page after they have been published in Amateur Radio magazine. The notes on this page are the original text as submitted and may have been edited in some way to appear in the magazine.

You can download a PDF of the current VK2 Notes and previous editions are available below.

VK2 News January-February 2017

Tim Mills VK2ZTM


New Year Greetings and now there is only a month of summer left.  From ARNSW, advance notice of the AGM to be held on Saturday the 29 th of April 2017. That nominations for committee will be called soon and the close off will be on Saturday the 18 th March 2017.

This month there will be the first Talk Fest from ARNSW for 2017 on Sunday the 12 th February and details will be given in the weekly VK2WI News. As usual there is a call on those planning to attend for catering purposes and this is by an email to  fieldday@arnsw.org.au 

Also on this weekend – 11 th / 12 th February - the Waverley ARS have the next of their Foundation courses and assessments. Bookings to their web site  education@vk2bv.org  . Then on Sunday the 26 th February, it is the 60 th annual Central Coast Field Day at the Wyong Racecourse. There is the opportunity while at the field day to undertake an exam for a US License. Details can be found on the ARRL web site when you look for ‘Find an exam session in your area’ or contact Julian VK2YJS at  vk2yjs@gmail.com

There is more activity in March when the ARNSW Upgrade course commences on Monday evening the 6 th March and then most Monday’s until November.  The first of the ARNSW Foundation course weekend and assessments on the 18 th and 19 th and a Trash & Treasure on Sunday the 26 th. All course bookings and inquiries to education@arnsw.org.au

It looks like it’s hard to give away ‘boat anchors’ or the columns in AR do not get read. There was no interest shown in a Phillips 815 70 cm [working] repeater which was surplus to requirements at VK2RWI. The offer has now closed.  Another offer coming up this year will be some Development Grants from ARNSW.  Release date was not known as these notes were prepared towards the end of 2016. Keep an eye on the ARNSW home page  www.arnsw.org.au for a link.

Lightning is something to be avoided. Early in 2016, Westlakes ARC lost their 2 metre repeater to a strike for most of the year. It is now back in action with some additional services.  At the end of 2016 St. George ARS suffered a strike to their 2 metre VK2RYL repeater near Rylstone. ARNSW has been carrying out maintenance to their VK2WI HF antenna farm by renewing all rope halyards. Planning has commenced to replace the aging VHF / UHF tower at VK2WI.   73 – Tim VK2ZTM.

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