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Written by Tim VK2ZTM and appearing monthly in Amateur Radio Magazine

VK2 Notes are a summary of activities and event around New South Wales. They are uploaded to this page after they have been published in Amateur Radio magazine. The notes on this page are the original text as submitted and may have been edited in some way to appear in the magazine.

You can download a PDF of the current VK2 Notes and previous editions are available below.

VK2 News – May/June 2018

Tim Mills VK2ZTM

As we are coming to the end of Autumn - what can we do in Winter?  For those who would like a trip to the Mid North Coast of VK2 could consider attending the Oxley Region A R C Mid Winter Field Day on the Queens Birthday weekend in June – Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th. The field day and events this year will be held in the hall of the Wauchope High School over the two days. The school is located in Nelson Street. Note - the usual venue of the Surf club is under renovations this year. The Saturday evening dinner will be at the usual venue, the Port Macquarie Golf Club. Elsewhere in this issue of AR you will find more information about the weekend.

Still with the Oxley Region ARC, they are in the final stages of constructing and installing their 6 Metre repeater – VK2RCN – which will be on 53.800 MHz. Their regular club meetings are on the first Saturday afternoon and the third Friday evening of each month, all at the SES HQ in Central Road, Port Macquarie.

Another big event this year will be the celebration of the Centenary of the Reception of the First Direct Wireless Message sent to Australia from Great Britain. On the 22 nd September 1918 a message from the [then] Australian Prime Minister, Billy Hughes, was transmitted by the Marconi station in Wales and received at Mr. Fisk’s residence at Wahroonga, Sydney. The Hornsby & District ARC, in conjunction with the Ku-ring-gai Historical Society will be operating special event call sign VK2MARCONI as part of the celebrations. On the actual centenary day, a commemorative event is being planned to be held adjacent to the Fisk residence in Wahroonga from late Saturday morning into the early afternoon and is shaping up to be a large event. More details in the next issue of AR.

There are other milestones coming up. The Waverley ARS, established in 1919 will be celebrating their Centenary round May 2019. WARS will be holding their annual auction at their club rooms on Saturday the 14 th July 2018.   The Urunga Radio Convention, held annually at Easter, will be 70 next year. Their committee is planning a major celebration and would like your ideas. There are many Radio Clubs who can trace their origins back for decades, like the Hunter Radio Group in Newcastle, the former Hunter Branch and before that the Newcastle Radio Club.

ARNSW has just had their AGM. There are minor changes with the committee personnel and details in the next issue of AR. ARNSW is planning a Talk Fest on Sunday the 17 th June at the VK2WI site. The theme will be antennas with short talks in the morning. Then, after lunch, there will be practical field activities with antennas. More details will be given in the Sunday VK2WI News bulletins. The news transmissions from the Dural site are relayed through provincial region repeaters at Illawarra, Western Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Newcastle. The audio also is streamed via arnsw.org.au/audio. There are also various Echo Link sources and some additional relays provided by other Amateurs. 

The VK2RWI, Dural based repeaters, have for several decades used a 30 metre tower for supporting the antennas – which is now to be retired. It will be replaced by a 40 metre pole to see over the tree growth - which has been extensive since the site was obtained by the NSW Division in 1955. Planning has been under way since last year and now it’s the waiting game for council approval.

ARNSW provides the Sydney based beacons – VK2RSY - from 10 metres through to 23 cms. Now, on average, the current generation are more than 10 years old and now they are being progressively upgraded. As these notes were being prepared, 2 metres - 144.420 – and 6 metres - 50.289 – had been renewed. Then the 10 metre – 28.262 - 70 cm – 432.420 - and 23 cm - 1296.420 - will follow. While there are licenses issued for higher beacon frequencies, there appears to be little demand for these bands. Offers of interest and construction are always sought. The VK2WI morse transmission on 3699 kHz is a training system and its almost [off during news bulletins] continuous operation provides a good propagation indicator. Reports on these services can be made by email to  callbacks@arnsw.org.au.   

73 – Tim VK2ZTM.

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