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Getting to VK2WI Dural

Driving here for the first time:  
Basically there are two ways to get there depending on where you are coming from. (If you are very adventurous then there are lots more, such as down the Singleton Rd and across on the Wiseman's Ferry punt.)

Dural via Pennant Hills Rd
This main road runs basically from Parramatta to Hornsby and can be readily accessed regardless of whether you are travelling from the country or from within Sydney itself.
    If driving North on Pennant Hills Rd watch for the signs to Castle Hill and turn left into Castle Hill Rd. At the second set of lights in Castle Hill Rd take a right turn into New Line Rd. Don't worry if you miss the Castle Hill Rd turn-off because the next big intersection of Boundary Rd also takes you to New Line Rd. Follow New Line Rd out through the Cherrybrook round-about and on to Dural
   If driving South on Pennant Hills Rd watch out for a right turn into Boundary Rd just after the Pennant Hills CBD. Again don't worry if you miss it, just keep on and take the Castle Hill Rd turn off and follow the directions above. Follow Boundary Rd till you get to the big round-about which is actually the intersection with New Line Rd. Bear right around it and you are now on New Line Rd and heading for Cherrybrook.  
   OK, so now we are travelling North on New Line Rd, just follow the signs to Dural and the intersection of Old Northern Rd and New Line Rd (large roundabout).

Dural from the West of Sydney
     Possibly best to head for Parramatta, get on to Church St (North of the CBD) and head up through North Parramatta.   Yes, at North Parramatta you can actually turn right into Pennant Hills Rd and follow the directions above but it is a longer trip. Careful as Church St actually becomes Windsor Rd at North Parramatta. keep heading North through Northmead and up to Baulkam Hills. Here you will need to turn right into Old Northern Rd and follow the signs to Castle Hill. Drive on through the Castle Hill CBD and follow the signs to Dural via Round Corner.

Intersection of Old Northern Rd and New Line Rd (large round-about)
    Head North through this round-about but keep over to the right hand side as Quarry Rd is the very next set of traffic lights. Turn into Quarry Rd and about 2.5km along the road on the left is the VK2WI station just after the Entrance to the old blue metal quarry. Careful there are a number of radio and communications towers along Quarry Rd, look for the one with our shack and antennas at the base of it. Despite what the maps show this end of the road is actually a dead end, if you get that far, just turn around and come back.

Transport Assistance

Due to weekend bus timetable changes, public transport access on Sunday is difficult. If you are not able to drive to VK2WI Dural, we can arrange to pick up members from Pennant Hills train station and assist you on the way home again. The dates of events at VK2WI are publicised on the VK2WI News Bulletins and on the website.

Members wishing to request transport to and from Pennant Hills station are requested to contact the ARNSW Office   with the request, no later than the Friday afternoon prior to the event.

As members attend events from all ofer Sydney, we can often co-ordinate a lift with a fellow member. Please get in touch and we will see what can be organised.