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Thank you for your interest in Amateur Radio NSW. Our aims are:

Anyone interested in radio communications or allied fields is eligible for membership. We currently have available two classes of financial membership, Full Member and Associate Member. Under special circumstances Honorary or Honorary Life Members may be elected by the Board from time to time, as per our Constitution.

Full membership can be obtained by anyone holding the relevant Certificate of Proficiency.

Associate membership is available to anyone without a Certificate of Proficiency for an Amateur Radio licence. Those involved in CB, Short Wave Listening (SWLs), WI-FI  and electronics in general will find our activities of interest. However associate members do not have voting rights and are ineligible to hold a position on the Board.

ARNSW Membership

All new memberships and renewals are offered on a basis of either two (2) year or five (5) year periods. These longer periods help minimise our handling overheads and costs.

Membership fees are currently equivalent to $10 per year; so $20 and $50 respectively. This money goes to help support ARNSW activities, including VK2WI station operation, the repater and beacon facilities at Dural, and other facilities and functions.

You can download the Membership Form to join or to renew your membership.

As our office is not attended on a full-time basis we prefer membership forms be sent by mail to our PO Box address, refer to our contact page for details.

Payment can be made in person at any of our Dural events or by mail (with your application/renewal form) to our post office box by a cheque, money order or credit card details. We do not advise sending cash in the mail.

Renewal reminders are sent shortly before your membership is due for renewal. However, if you are going to be away for a period of time prior to your membership falling due, it is suggested to renew in advance.

If at any time you wish to check the expiry date of your membership or have a change of personal particulars please either send a letter to our P.O Box address or email our Membership Officer at Currently we can't offer phone processing of membership payments as our office is unattended during the week.

We offer a welcome to new members and renewing members alike, and look forward to hearing you air, or seeing you at our activities and meetings.