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This page lists some of the items currently for sale through ARNSW disposals. Any items not sold beforehand will be on display and available at our next Trash and Treasure event.

New items will be added to this page as they come in. It is advisable to check this page regularly, so as not to miss out on any bargains. Any equipment offered for disposal will have been bench/air tested, its general condition and any known faults will be mentioned. All equipment is from nonsmoking owners unless otherwise noted.

Transmitting equipment will only be sold to persons holding an appropriate Australian Licence. In the disposals process the Disposals Officer's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Due to the number of items reserved but never purchased a deposit is required to reserve equipment for collection. Minimum Deposit is $50 or the full sale price for items costing less than $50. Equipment is not considered sold until payment is made in full.

If you are interested in any of the equipment listed here, you can contact the Disposals Officer by email to and he will contact you. Please note, that we cannot accept offers by phone.

If you require assistance from ARNSW to sell any equipment, then please check out our estate and equipment purchase page. Full contact details for our office are listed Here.

Equipment currently being offered for sale

Yaesu FT920 HF 100W multimode transceiver.

This FT-920 is in excellent working order and good cosmetic condition .

Complete with manual, DC power cable and microphone. No options fitted.

Requires a 13.8V 25A power supply.

Price $750.


Dick Smith D3800 13.8V 25A power supply.

This power supply is fully working and in good condition.

Price $90.

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Electronics Australia VK Powermaster 13.8V 25A power supply.

This power supply is fully working and in good condition.

Price $75.


Yaesu FT200 HF 100W AM CW SSB transceiver

This FT200 is in good working order and fair cosmetic condition. The power supply has been resprayed and does have some minor damage in the top rear corner.

The power supply has been refurbished and all valves in the transceiver, except the finals, have been checked and replaced where required.

The receiver is working to specification but the transmitter could use a new set of final valves (6JS6) as while it will produce 100W on 40m this is down to 50W on 10m.  Only one band is fitted on 10m (28.5MHz)

Comes complete with manual, Yaesu hand microphone and the cable between the power supply and transceiver.

Price $350.




Tokyo Hi Power HF antenna tuner type HC-500.

This antenna tuner is in good working order and fair cosmetic condition.

Price $150.



HP 8569B microwave spectrum analyser 0.01-22GHz.

0.01 to 22 GHz, external mixing to 115 GHz and above (mixers not supplied)

Internal preselection, 1.7 to 22 GHz

Wide resolution range, 100 Hz to 3 MHz

Simple three knob operation

Digital display of dual traces and control settings

This HP spectrum analyser is fully working and in fair cosmetic condition.

Nice bright CRT with sharp focus.

Price $750.

Collect or Pack and Send only too big to post.



Racal-Dana 9084 104MHz AM/FM synthesised signal generator.

The cosmetic condition is good and fully working.

The tantalum capacitors have been replaced and bench tested for several hours. It has been used as a workshop generator for several months to ensure the refurbishment is reliable.

Complete with service manual (as it is not available on line)

Price $350.  Collect or Pack and Send only too big to post.

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Wavetek  3000 AM FM 520MHz RF signal generator.

This signal generator generates CW, AM or FM signals from 100KHz to 520MHz.

The output level can be adjusted form 1V RMS to less than 1uV in 10dB steps and variable between steps.

The signal generator has a FM deviation meter function to measure FM modulation.

In good working order with operating and service manual.


Price $250.

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Trio SG-402 RF Signal Generator

This is a basic RF signal generator with AM modulation for HF and AM broadcast receiver servicing.

Covers 100KHz to 30MHz in 6 ranges.

Adjustable output level.

In good working order.

Price $50





Philco/Sierra 164B power and SWR meter.

This power meter is in good working order and fair  cosmetic condition.

Price for the meter with 3 sensors and manual is $175




Bird 43 power meter.

Two of these power meters are available. Both are in good working order and fair, for their age, cosmetic condition.

Price for the meter with 2 sensors is $200





BWD Model 255 Regulated Power Supply

This power supply has two ranges 0-30V 2A and 0-60V 1A with variable current linit.

In good working order and condition.

Complete with manual

Price $40.

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Tektronix 2235 100MHz two channel oscilloscope.

The oscilloscope is on good working order and condition.

Complete with 2 probes

Price $100.





HP 432 microwave power meter with 478 sensor.

This power meters covers 0.01 to 10mW over the frequency range 10MHz to 10GHz.

In good condition and fully working.

The usual problem with older HP instruments is the meter scale starts to peel. This was the case with this meter. To prevent further damage the scale has been sprayed with lacquer to secure the scale to the backing plate.

While there is some minor damage to the legend of the scale but it is perfectly usable.

Price $150.




EMTRON  solid state dip oscillator 0.7MHz to 250MHz.

A solid state version of the old Grid Dip Oscillator for finding the resonant frequency of antennas and other tuned circuits

In good working order and good cosmetic condition.


Leader LDM-810 grid dip oscillator.


HP 3575 gain and Phase meter to 13MHz.

In good working order and good cosmetic condition with manual.

One minor fault it the amplitude/phase switch operating lever is loose but the switch still works.



50Ω 500W dummy loads one Philco and one Bird. Good to 500MHz

In good working order and fair cosmetic condition.

Price $200 each