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ARNSW often has items of equipment for sale, as a service to members. Unless otherwise noted, all equipment offered has been tested and is in good condition, and is from nonsmoking owners unless otherwise noted.

Transmitting equipment will only be sold to persons holding an appropriate Australian Licence. In the disposals process the Disposals Officer's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Most items can be posted but some that are too large or heavy for postage can be shipped by Pack and Send.

While Trash&Treasure days are currently suspended, disposals equipment available is listed in the bimonthly ARNSW newsletter, All Access. You can read the latest issue online.

If you are interested in any of the equipment listed, you can contact the Disposals Officer by email to Please note, that we cannot accept offers by phone.

Due to the number of items reserved but never purchased a deposit is required to reserve equipment for collection. Minimum Deposit is $50 or the full sale price for items costing less than $50. Equipment is not considered sold until payment is made in full.

Pickup or inspection is currently by arrangement only and Covid-19 safety procedures must be adhered to.

If you require assistance from ARNSW to sell any equipment, then please check out our estate and equipment purchase page, or contact our office for more information.

Equipment currently being offered for sale

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Antenna Tuner Parts.

The capacitors have been tested to the rated voltage.

1.     Large coil 95mm diameter x 145mm long 27 turns tapped with switch $20

2.     Dual Differential 110pF +110pF 5KV Variable capacitor used $30

3.     Dual Differential 110pF +110pF 5KV Variable capacitor used $30

4.     Dual Differential 80pF +80pF 5KV Variable capacitor used $30

5.     Dual Differential 80pF +80pF 5KV Variable capacitor $30

6.     Russian 8-350pF Vacuum Capacitor Tested to 10kV New in box $200

Power Supplies.

1.     Perini and Scott JVC high voltage power supply.  0 to 300V DC at 100mA with overload cutout, 6.3V at 2A AC. Completely refurbished and fully working. With schematics.  $200.

3.     DSE VK Powermaster 13.8V 20A Linear power supply in good condition and fully working. $100.

4.     Jaycar SRV5  240V 500W variable transformer (Variac) $125

5.     BWD 272A 20V 2A and 50V 1A power supply  $75

6.     Loadstar PS305 dual 30V 5A DC power supply  $100 Collect or Pack and Send

7.     HP 6202A 40V 0.75A DC power supply  $25

Transceiver accessories

3.     Ten Tec 5061 1.5kW 30MHz low pass filter in good condition and working. $50.

4.     Digitor 2m 30W FM amplifier in good condition and working $25.

5.     Digitor 2m 30W FM amplifier in good condition and working $25.

6.     Drake TV-75-HP 52MHz high pass filter $10.

7.     MFJ 1026 Noise Cancelling Antenna New in box  $120

8.     MFJ 915 RF Line Isolator $30

9.     MFJ 915 RF Line Isolator $30

10. RM KL145 2m 25W to 110W amplifier New in box $75

11.  RM KL145 2m 25W to 110W amplifier New In Box $75

12. Welz SP250 1.8 to 60MHz 2kW Power/SWR meter $50

13. Emtron EP2000 Power/SWR meter $50

Microwave Equipment (23cm and above)

1.     Kuhne MKU 13 G3 2m to 23cm transverter 1W out.  (note $600 new).   $300.

2.     Kuhne DB6NT 28MHz to 1296MHz transverter MKU G2B 28 Kit (assembled and tested)  $250

3.     ID Elektronik D24-04-12 23cm interdigital filter 1296MHz  $100

4.     4 way power divider N connectors for 23cm $25.

5.     Rojone AMA-2250-3M 3 way power divider 100W 0.8 to 2GHz N connectors. $25.

6.     HP 11692D dual directional coupler 22dB 2 to 18GHz $100

7.     Two HP 394A 1000 to 2000 MHz 6 to 120dB. Samples the through connection and provides an attenuated output.  Through connection rated to 200W $50 each

8.     HP 8494B 0-11dB step attenuator N connectors DC to 18GHz $25

9.     HP 423A Crystal Detector with matching load resistor $30

Test Equipment

1.      Grundig Grid Dip Meter 1.5 to 250 MHz Good condition and working $50.

2.     HP 3406 sampling voltmeter 1mV to 3V to 1.2GHz $100.

3.      AVO 1000 analog Multimeter in good condition and working $40.

4.     Marconi TF 2304 AM FM Modulation Meter 10MHz to 1000MHz  auto tune in good condition and working. $100

5.     Trio SG402 100kHz to 30MHz RF signal generator $50

6.     Trio AG202A 20Hz to 200KHz audio generator $30.

7.     Weinschel Corp 150W 50 ohm load good to 6GHz. $125.

8.     HP8904A DC to 600KHz function generator with book $100

9.     Telenoic Instruments step attenuator TG-950 DC to 150MHz 0-102dB  $25

10. Philips PM6303 RCL meter (LCR meter)  $50

11. Digitech QT2202 2.7GHz Frequency Counter $75

12. National BN-500UBE 500V Insulation Test Set 6 x AA batteries Hand Held $50

13. HP 355D & HP 355C DC to 1GHz attenuator 0-120dB + 0-12db $75

14. HP 411A RF voltmeter 500kC to 500MHz with BNC probe tip. $50.

15. 30w 10db 4GHz attenuator. $30

16. HP 453B Power Meter with 8484A sensor -20dBm to -65dBm to 18GHz $300

17. Rojone AMA-1250-10-1W  10dB directional coupler 200W 0.8 to 2GHz N connectors. $75.

18. Mini-Circuits ZFDC-20-C 100MHz to 2GHz 20dB Directional Coupler SMA with 2 x N adaptor low power.

19. Andrews L44AW coaxial connector x 5 @ $25each

20. Andrews F4PNM coaxial connector x 2 @ $25each

21. Andrews L4PNM-RC coaxial connector x 8 @ $25each

22. Andrews L4NM-C coaxial connector x 1 @ $25each

23. Andrews L44N coaxial connector x 2 @ $25each