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This page lists some of the items currently for sale through ARNSW disposals. Any items not sold beforehand will be on display and available at our next Trash and Treasure event.

New items will be added to this page as they come in. It is advisable to check this page regularly, so as not to miss out on any bargains. Any equipment offered for disposal will have been bench/air tested, its general condition and any known faults will be mentioned. All equipment is from nonsmoking owners unless otherwise noted.

Transmitting equipment will only be sold to persons holding an appropriate Australian Licence. In the disposals process the Disposals Officer's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Due to the number of items reserved but never purchased a deposit is required to reserve equipment for collection. Minimum Deposit is $50 or the full sale price for items costing less than $50. Equipment is not considered sold until payment is made in full.

If you are interested in any of the equipment listed here, you can contact the Disposals Officer by email to and he will contact you. Please note, that we cannot accept offers by phone.

If you require assistance from ARNSW to sell any equipment, then please check out our estate and equipment purchase page. Full contact details for our office are listed Here.

Equipment currently being offered for sale

Yaesu FT897 HF/VHF/UHF all mode transceiver.

This FT-897 is in very good condition with original box, microphone, power cable and manual.

The display is fully working.

Price $850.

Yaesu MD100 Desk Microphone

This MD-100 is as new in the original box in very good condition.

Price $180.

Vintage Morse Key

As shown in the photo.

Price $60.

Katsumi Bug Key

Here is a bug for the restorer. As can be seen from the photo it is a bit grubby but is complete and working.

Price $30.

Alinco DR610 VHF/UHF FM Transceiver.

This transceiver is in good condition and fully working.

Complete with power cable and microphone.

Price $150

Yaesu FT-707 HF Manual Antenna Tuner.


Kenwood TS-120V 10W HF transceiver.

There are two TS-120V transceivers for sale.

Both are in fair condition for their age and are fully working. A microphone and power cable is provided with each transceiver . The microphones are not original.

Both are missing the VOX knobs on top of the transceiver. The knobs did not come with the transceivers and are special knobs as the mate with preset potentiometers on the top PCB assembly. The controls can be adjusted with a small screwdriver.

If the missing knobs do not bother you then these are a couple of cheap HF transceivers.

Price $125 each.


Revex W540 VHF/UHF power and SWR meter.

This power/swr meter is on fair condition and fully working. It covers the power range of 4W to 200W full scale.

Price $50.



Alinco DJ-G5 Dual Band VHF/UHF hand held Transceiver.

This transceiver is in good condition and supplied with antenna and remote speaker microphone.

A plug pack charger is supplied. 

Most important the battery pack has been rebuilt with new higher capacity cells.

Price $50.


DJ-V5 Dual Band VHF/UHF hand held Transceiver.

This transceiver is in good condition and supplied with antenna.

A plug pack charger is supplied.

Most important the battery pack has been rebuilt with new cells.

Price $50.


Yaesu Accessories for the FRG7700 receiver.

One each:

FRT-7700 receiver antenna tuner and preamp.

FRA-7700 Active antenna.

FRV-7700  Air band, 2m and 6m receive converter.

While these are designed for the FRG-7700 the FRT and FRA 7700 could be used with any HF receiver and the FRV-7700 could be adapted to other HF receivers.

All are working and in fair condition.

Price $25 each or $60 for all 3.



Jaycar MP3097 13.8V 10A Power Supply.

In good condition and fully working.

Cost new is $139.

Our price $75


Jaycar MP3098 13.8V 10A Power Supply.

In good condition and fully working.

Cost new is $199.

Our price $100.




Takeda-Riken (Advantest) TR4132 1000MHZ Spectrum analyser.

This spectrum analyser is intended for signal strength measurement thus dosplays the level in dBuV not dBm of volts.

Frequency Range: 100 kHz to 1000 MHz
Center Frequency Display: Units of 1 MHz, digital display by LED, Display Accuracy ±10 MHz
Scan width: By Dispersion/Div switch, 100 MHz/Div to 100 kHz/Div in 1-2-5 step and zero scan
Scan Linearity: Within ±5%
Tuning Mode: By Center Frequency Tuning and Presetting with semi-fixed resistor
Stability: Within 200 kHz/5 minutes or less
IF Bandwidth: 300 kHz, 100 kHz, 30 kHz, 10 kHz (3 dB)
Display on CRT: 10 dB/Div, 5 dB/Div, LINEAR switchable
Reference Level Display: Decimal 3 digits, 1 dB resolution
Input Level: Input terminal voltage display (dBµ),

In good condition and fully working.

Price $450.

240V Variac (variable auto transformer)

This is a 500W  0-260V variable transformer. Jaycar MP3080.

Rated power handling: 500 VA (fused)
 Input voltage: 240 VAC @ 50Hz
 Output Voltage: 0~260 VAC @ 50Hz
 Dimensions: 165 x 120 x 160mm (D x W x H)

(NEW price is $199)

Price $125

YiHUA 8786D combined hot air rework pencil and soldering iron.

As new in box.

Ebay price is around $100.

Price $50.




BWD 603B Mini Lab Power Supplies, Function Generator and Amplifiers in one box.

In good condition and working

One known fault is the function generator X100 frequency push button is missing.

Price $50




HP 432 microwave power meter with 478 sensor.

This power meters covers 0.01 to 10mW over the frequency range 10MHz to 10GHz.

In good condition and fully working.

The usual problem with older HP instruments is the meter scale starts to peel. This was the case with this meter. To prevent further damage the scale has been sprayed with lacquer to secure the scale to the backing plate.

While there is some minor damage to the legend of the scale but it is perfectly usable.

Price $100.






HP 3575 gain and Phase meter to 13MHz.

In good working order and good cosmetic condition with manual.

One minor fault it the amplitude/phase switch operating lever is loose but the switch still works.

style='font-family:>Price $50

Tektronix 2901 Time Mark generator

A Time Mark Generator is a calibration generator for checking the time base accuracy of analog oscilloscopes.

The time mark generator produces a train of narrow pulses at a rate selected by the front panel buttons. This is valid up to 0.1uS then the output is a sine wave up to 2ns (500MHz). The pulse rate is locked to an internal 10MHz crystal or an external 10MHz input.

There are two of these available and both are fully working.

Price $25 each.

HP411A RF Volt Meter.

The HP 411A covers 10mV to 10V full scale 500KHz to 1000MHz.

Two of these are available, one with the BNC probe and one with an oscilloscope style probe.

Both are fully working and in good condition. The meters are excellent with no sign of scale peeling.

Price $40 each.