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ARNSW often has items of equipment for sale, as a service to members. Unless otherwise noted, all equipment offered has been tested and is in good condition, and is from nonsmoking owners unless otherwise noted.

Transmitting equipment will only be sold to persons holding an appropriate Australian Licence. In the disposals process the Disposals Officer's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Most items can be posted but some that are too large or heavy for postage can be shipped by Pack and Send.

While Trash&Treasure days are currently suspended, disposals equipment available is listed in the bimonthly ARNSW newsletter, All Access. You can read the latest issue online.

If you are interested in any of the equipment listed, you can contact the Disposals Officer by email to Please note, that we cannot accept offers by phone.

Due to the number of items reserved but never purchased a deposit is required to reserve equipment for collection. Minimum Deposit is $50 or the full sale price for items costing less than $50. Equipment is not considered sold until payment is made in full.

Pickup or inspection is currently by arrangement only and Covid-19 safety procedures must be adhered to.

If you require assistance from ARNSW to sell any equipment, then please check out our estate and equipment purchase page, or contact our office for more information.

Equipment currently being offered for sale

Kenwood TS520 and accessories  

Note these TS520S all transmit but will require new driver and finals to generate full power. They may require switches and pots to be cleaned. These are sold as working but do require some electrical restoration. They are in good cosmetic condition All have power cables and hand microphones.

TS520S Transceiver original paint     $200.00

TS520S Transceiver  dark grey re-paint        $200.00

VOX-3 for TS520S with cable            $25.00


Antenna Tuners and power meters           

AVAIR CN400 140-500MHz 30/300/3kW      $100.00

MFJ 813 QRP power meter 0-5W power 0.1W to 50W SWR 1.8-50MHz    $30.00


Power Amplifiers     

RM Italy HLA-150 HF 5W to 100W amplifier with low pass filters     $600.00

TE systems 1452G 2m 400W amplifier          $600.00

Coaxial Relays

Note 24V and 28V relays can be supplied with a 12V to 24V boost converter.

DowKey 401-390832-1 10V SMA SPDT       $40.00

DowKey 401-390832-1 10V SMA SPDT       $40.00

DowKey 77-133 24V TNC SPDT       $20.00

DowKey 77-133 24V TNC SPDT       $20.00

DowKey 77-133 24V TNC SPDT       $20.00

DowKey 77-133 24V TNC SPDT       $20.00

DowKey 61-2202 12V BNC SPDT     $30.00

DowKey 260-230244  24V BNC dual SPDT relay  BNC       $40.00

Amphenol 360-11890-16 24V SPDT  3 x N connectors        $40.00

DowKey 401J-320832-1 12V latching with contacts SPDT SMA 18GHz     $30.00

Ducommun 2SE1T11JB 12V latching  SMA relay 26.5GHz $40.00

Transco Transfer Relay PN 82152-700C70200 28V $20.00

 Bird 43 power meter elements one of each                                 


1000P 0.45 to 2.5MHz                                    $75.00

1000C 100 to 250MHz                                    $75.00

1000D 200 to 500MHz                                    $75.00

1000E 400 to 1000MHz                                  $75.00

2500B 2.5kW 50 to 125MHz                          $75.00

50C  50W 100 to 250MHz                              $75.00

5B 5W 50-125MHz                                         $50.00

5C 5W 100 to 250MHz                                   $50.00

5D 5W 200 to 500MHz                                   $50.00

5E 5W 400 to 1000MHz                                 $50.00

10M 10W 2.2 to 2.3GHz                                 $25.00

Test Equipment

HP8904A DC to 600KHz function generator with book         $100.00

National BN-500UBE 500V Insulation Test Set 6 x AA batteries Hand Held   $25.00

HP 411A RF voltmeter 500kHz to 500MHz with BNC probe tip.       $50.00

HP 411A RF voltmeter 500kHz to 500MHz with accessory kit  $65.00

HP 4815A Vector Impedance Meter with probe        $200.00

HP Swept Amplitude Analyser HP8755C with 2x 11664A detectors -50 to +10dBm to 18GHz Includes the HP8750 store and normaliser with cable $100.00

HP8620C Swept Oscillator with 86254A 5.9 to 12.4HGz and 86222A 0.01 to 2.4GHz plugins $100.00

HP 11692D dual directional coupler 22dB 2 to 18GHz  $50.00

HP 3406 sampling voltmeter 1mV to 3V to 1.2GHz   $100.00

NEC 5.7GHz 6W power amplifier from VK3XPD       $50.00

Trio SG402 100kHz to 30MHz RF signal generator              $50.00

Trio AG202A 20Hz to 200KHz audio generator   $30.00

DSE Q-1312 RF signal generator 100kHz to 150MHz          $50.00

Microwave equipment

ID Elektronik D24-04-12 23cm interdigital filter 1296MHz     $75.00

HP 423A Crystal Detector with matching load resistor   $30.00

30w 10db 4GHz attenuator     $30.00

Rojone AMA-1250-10-1W  10dB directional coupler 200W N connectors                $75.00

Rojone AMA-2250-3M 3 way power divider 100W N connectors      $25.00

Mini-Circuits ZFDC-20-C 100MHz to 2GHz 20dB Directional Coupler SMA with 2 x N adaptor low power      $75.00

Microwave Diode Detectors

HP447B Detector N connector 1.8MHz to 18GHz     $25.00

HP 8470A Detector N connector to 18GHz   $25.00

FXR N210A Diode holder with 1N23 diode 1MHz to 10GHz             $15.00

FXR N210A Diode holder with 1N23 diode 1MHz to 10GHz             $15.00

FXR N210A Diode holder with 1N23 diode 1MHz to 10GHz             $15.00

FXR N210A Diode holder with 1N23 diode 1MHz to 10GHz             $15.00

FXR N210A Diode holder with 1N23 diode 1MHz to 10GHz             $15.00


Andrews L44AW coaxial connector x 5         $25 each

Andrews F4PNM coaxial connector x 2         $25 each

Andrews L4PNM-RC coaxial connector x 8   $25 each

Andrews L4NM-C coaxial connector x 1        $25 each

Andrews L44N coaxial connector x 2             $25 each