Estate and equipment purchasing

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This service is offered to achieve two aims; One is to ease the burden of selling equipment while providing a financial return to members and the other is to provide an alternative to the rubbish bin for otherwise useful equipment.

As a service to members and their families ARNSW can arrange to sell radio and electronic equipment that is no longer required. This may be due to the need to move to smaller accommodation or to the member becoming a silent key.

The service is intended to sell those items of significant value such as amateur radio equipment and test equipment. Other items may include vintage radios, rare books, small antennas and valuable tools. A small commission of 10% is charged to cover handling and costs. Part of the service is to test and in some cases repair equipment so that potential buyers can have confidence in the true condition of the equipment.

What we do not sell is furniture, computer equipment and large bulky items that require special transport. The sale of these items is more than adequately catered for by other means. Antenna towers cannot be handled by ARNSW sales as we are not qualified to dismantle towers and antennas, nor does our insurance cover this activity. Tower riggers advertise in the Yellow Pages and are qualified and insured to perform this work.

If the equipment to be sold includes small low-value items such as electronic components, radio valves, magazines, small tools and other small radio and electronic items, ARNSW will gladly accept these low-value items as a donation towards the cost of collection.

Valuable items are sold through ARNSW Equipment Sales. Whilst reserve prices can be suggested by the seller, ARNSW's decision on the sale is final.

A cheque for the proceeds of the sale of valuable items (less the 10% handling fee) will be mailed to you as the items are sold. Sales days are scheduled bi-monthly, so complete sale of all items may take 6 months or more.

Is this an alternative to online auctions? No, this service is intended to take the burden from the seller of advertising and shipping equipment. As such, the return will be less than selling on eBay but with out the stress of completing many sales transactions.

Please contact ARNSW by email at or leave a message with our office by phone 02 9444 0123.